Contract Models and Clause Models

ICC offers several contract templates and clauses to help companies with the commercial negotiation processes and drafting of international contracts.

Succinct and practical, ICC’s model contracts are fair and balanced for all parties, presenting a comprehensive set of rights and obligations. They are carefully written by legal and business experts from different jurisdictions, all members of the ICC, without expressing a bias towards a particular legal system.

Each contract and clause combine a standard structure of rules, with flexible provisions that allow parties to enter their own needs.

Check out some examples:

  • ICC Model International Sales Contract
  • ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract / Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract
  • ICC Model Distributorship Contract
  • ICC Model International Franchising Contract
  • ICC Model International Transfer of Technology Contract
  • ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement Contract
  • ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects
  • ICC Anti-Corruption Clause
  • ICC Force Majeure Clause
  • ICC Model International Trademark Licence